Welcome to ITSA Discussion Board!

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Welcome to ITSA Discussion Board!

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 02, 2007 11:44 am

Good day guests, ITSA members and UCSI students!

Welcome to the forum!!!
Firstly I would like to thank Shinyi for making this forum a success! I would also like to thank Vergil, Jit Hau, Khui Mei, Cecilia, Adeline, Wing Hoe, Jeff, Oscar, Victor, Kho, and Daniel for giving me great ideas while building up this forum. Razz

Besides that I would like to thank Sharon for giving me the inspiration to open this forum for ITSA! And I hope members can visit this forum frequently! I love you

Our aim for the forum is to create a friendly relationship between ITSA members and committee members and also to the non-members to understand what is ITSA all about. So this forum is for everyone to join, don't worry if you are not an ITSA member, you can also join the discussion here as well as giving ideas on our next activity in UCSI or outdoor activities! Very Happy

Anyway, we need your comments and ideas in order to improve it!
For any suggestions and idea on improving this forum and to our club's activities, please don't hesitate to join the forum!!

Finally, I am very happy that I took part in this forum/web project!! hope to see you in the forum!

Cheers and Regards,

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